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 A Lady in reed
 by Carlo
data: 06/03/2007 
luogo: Grenada 

A Lady in reed

Apologies to :


Grenada ,Prickly Bay ,9 pm

We were dining.

A sudden vision : a red dressed Woman ,in a plastic position shows herself to the people dining in the restaurant.

Some comments ,mine was a negative one : too much show .

She came to our table : was a friend of Teo and Barbara ,they had met in some Canary island ,trying to find a boat to crew for the Atlantic crossing .

Teo and Barbara crossed with a South African boat ,during the ARC ,and now are with us ,she crossed with another south African( I think) and is here still on the same boat..

She was a very nice minute young girl ,not a man eating Macho woman .

Was at out table with some English friends.

She was a nice person ,the friends too ,but what about the atmosphere on their boat ?

Anyway their boat would not leave for months.

She was in bad need of a boat lift to somewhere ,possibly Brazil to see the carnival

“ I travel alone”, she had said

May be that one of the friend was also in search of a lift .

They where all in they earliest twenties .

A couple of drinks with them Teo and Barbara with a kind of old Uncle (me) and everybody was happy and drinking and speaking .

She was going to Morocco ,maybe to Italy ,maybe Portugal to see her sister ,but now was in Grenada

In that eventful night there was a kind of “fronte del porto” fight : a father chicked on the nose and somewhere else a Spanish man who have not been so polite to his 12. years old daughter

The Spanish blood of the molester is still visible on the pier and is in my photos .

The molester left the island as a thief in the middle of the night with the first morning flight

He has been quite lucky not to be killed on the spot.

The lady in red was asking me “ when do you leave? Is somebody disembarking?”

Then they left for a “ notte brava” in some night club with other young friends, with the end on a beach up to eight o clock in the morning.
Teo and Barbara did not go , but returned to the boat with that kind old uncle ,too old for the “ notte brava”

Thank you Teo ,Thank you Barbara.

Somebody told the “old uncle” that a drunk man tried to molest the lady in red the morning after ,luckily without success, she has been working in a pub, she could defend herself.

We have spared another “fronte del porto”, with other blood stains on the pier.

Some other drinks with her, with or without friends.

They were a little too proud for the Italian mentality(let the old uncle pay for the drinks) and brought a lot of drinks of their own, practically we drank too much every night ..

The all of us crisscrossed the island in taxi ,for a day

She was still interested in a lift..

It was not possible ,the atmosphere in our boat was not suitable.

Too many old Italian men ( me one of them)

There was only a bed in an occupied cabin, in my cabin , a snoring cabin ( smoking ? No! snoring alas!) ,no free berths in dinette or corridor.

No possibilities of reshaping the accommodations in the boat : two other people in my cabin and maybe her in a corridor and me in the dinette,or outside or in the dinghy or wherever.

Too many not elastic mentalities on the boat..

There were a lot of people arriving ,the situation (excluding mentalities) was supposed nwonderful.

The captain was not so happy to embark her ,but very kindly told me “ if you insist we will take her to Panama”( a month trip)


There were no possibilities for her of a normal integration in the life of the boat.

Too many old mentalities.

And this boat is not mine .

“I would like to have been some thirty- forty years younger ,or even so old , but with a boat of my own, to bring you to Brazil or to wherever else in the world, with or without your friends ,being just what am : a kind of old uncle..”

But this boat is not mine and is not me who makes the atmosphere.

I shall thank the captain for the offer, but it was not possible .

It was me, not the captain who left you crying stranded on a blood stained pier ,on a boat that you did not love and that did not love you.

It is me now standing here begging for your pardon .

It is me now standing begging you to forgive ,but not forget me.

It would have been wonderful in other condition ,but it has not been possible.

Too many old mentalities ,some people would have treated you badly as they did with me

I can stand this ,but cannot stand that somebody could do the same to you.

Do not know if I will ever come back to Grenada .

But , should I ,in this life or others, you can be sure the first thing I will do ,even before a pigna colada , is to look for a red dressed young girl from “Cornovaglia.”

I hope you will read this when later on it will be on “
venticcinquemilemigglia”( is not written like this) and ,for a kind of miracle to see you somewhere, in the world again.

I wish you all the luck of the world for your trip to st. Lucia ,or wherever else ,and

“tutto il bene del mondo “

(You can translate this by yourself )


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